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About our company

In 2004, a company was established to manufacture boiler equipment.

During this time, we have managed to go from a repair team to the scale of a small factory. The product line has been increased from 1 standard size of a hot water boiler to more than 30 models, production of gas cleaning equipment, repair and modernization of third-party boiler equipment has been mastered.

A separate activity of the Chita plant of boiler equipment " Cascade "is the production of modular boiler houses"turnkey". Modular boilers are very convenient, because they allow you to build a building where capital construction is impossible, thereby allowing you to get significant savings in material resources, to win through modern equipment in saving fuel and electricity, to get heat where previously it seemed impossible.

In 2010, we successfully certified and received permission to use our own steam boilers, thus becoming the only manufacturer of steam boilers with a wide range of capacities in Eastern Siberia and the Far East.

In early 2013, due to the release of a new technical regulation, the plant's products were again certified, this time as mass-produced products.

By implementing the latest equipment and technologies, we have achieved a significant increase in labor productivity and product quality, which has allowed us to increase the warranty period for individual items to 4 years – a record for the industry.


Through the use of modern methods of quality management, we constantly improve our products to achieve higher performance, efficiency and environmental friendliness of the equipment produced.

To date, the company has entered the market not only in the TRANS-Baikal territory, but also in neighboring regions.

"Our motto:
We make the world warmer" helps us to always be on top, both for us and for all our clients. "
Arapov Nikolai Vladimirovich

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